Abandoned Shopping Carts !!

The sheer number of online shoppers who walk away from their carts is astounding according to a recent study conducted by PayPal and comScore. Add up all those lost sales and you begin to see just how costly shopping cart abandonment really is. The question is - why do they leave ?

In the Paypal/comScore study online shoppers cited a variety of reasons for cart abandonment: -

  • 46% due to high shipping charges
  • 37% wanted to comparison shop
  • 36% due to lack of money
  • 27% wanted to find discount coupons
  • 26% wanted to shop off-line
  • 24% for not offering the preferred payment method
  • 23% because items were not in stock at checkout
  • 22% unable to find customer support information
  • 21% due to security concerns

Clearly, online shoppers are far more likely to walk away from a full cart than their brick-and-mortar counterparts. As such, merchants should think about what they can do to keep shoppers on the right path, i.e. the one that leads to a successful sale.