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Google Instant Launch - Impact On Impressions

Google Instant, the latest search feature launched in the UK last week, aims to reduce the time spent searching for results.

Search results are delivered immediately as the query is being entered. As you type, Google Instant will attempt to compete the search query by predicting the top search query and so display these results. Dependent on the query, the results may also be localised based upon your IP address or location settings.

Why is it important to do paid search (PPC) ?

Paid search has proven to be one of the highest return-on-investment (ROI) channels available both online and offline. Why – because paid search is highly relevant and targeted.

Why is Ad Copy Important ?

Good ad copy is essential because it delivers that important first impression that potential customers are going to have of your business. It's what determines whether or not they click on your ad and visit your site. 

Google Ad Auction - Confused ?

The Google Ad Auction is potentially one of the most confusing aspects of PPC marketing. Essentially however, Google simply rewards high relevancy with lower bid values and penalises poor relevancy with higher minimum bid values ...... watch the Google video here. 

Google Launch Bid Simulator

Google launch the new Bid Simulator to help determine CPC values based upon the previous 7 days activity .... watch the video here.

Abandoned Shopping Carts !!

The sheer number of online shoppers who walk away from their carts is astounding according to a recent study conducted by PayPal and comScore ... the question is why ?

How to reach the Top Ad Positions ?

Quality is given extra consideration when Google determine which ads appear in the top positions above the natural search results. Google use the same formula for ad position which is based upon your Quality Score and CPC bid. However, to ensure the highest-quality ads show above the search results, only ads that exceed a certain Quality Score and CPC bid threshold are eligible to appear in these positions !! The CPC bid threshold for these positions is determined by the matched keyword's Quality Score – the higher the Quality Score, the lower the CPC threshold.

Microsoft and Yahoo Finally Reach Search Deal

July 2009

It's finally official - Microsoft and Yahoo! have finally struck a search deal. Under the 10 year agreement, Bing will power Yahoo! search, creating a Google competitor.