Top 10 PPC Management Questions

How do you differentiate between the various companies offering PPC management, monitoring and optimisation services ?

Invariably they're not all the same but how do you know which questions to ask, and what are the right answers. Below we’ve provided the ten best questions to ask together with an indication of the answers you should be looking for.

Q1 - How do you manage the Google Quality Score ?
The quality score is based upon keyword, ad text and landing page relevance. The key is to have smaller tightly-knit ad groups with fewer keywords such that ad text can be more targeted. This increases click through rates which, in turn, increases quality score. You should also incorporate the main keywords within the landing pages to further increase relevancy and conversions.

Q2 - What will be the first step when taking over the account ?
A good strategy is to see if there is anything that needs to be fixed immediately such as incorrect settings, disapproved ad's, etc. The account may also need to be restructured however this has to be done carefully to protect existing quality scores and any account history.

Q3 - What kind of reporting will I get ?
Essentially any reports you want. As a minimum, a monthly report detailing work completed together with an analysis of the account statistics and trending. This should also include a brief commentry regarding the key performance parameters and the plan going forward. Reports can be generated more frequently however these take time away from managing the account so a balance needs to be reached.

Q4 - Are you Google AdWords qualified ?
Yes, this can be checked by clicking on the Google logo on the left hand side.

Q5 - Who owns the PPC account information ?
You do, the PPC account is in your company name and so you ownership and access at all times.

Q6 - How do you find keywords ?
We use a selection of research tools, some are generally available and whilst others are via a subscription service. Keyword research is an on-going process as new terms emerge as the account matures. It is also important to search for negative keywords to avoid wasted clicks and drive better qualified traffic to the website.

Q7 - What kind of testing will you be doing ?
We write and test new ad text on a regular basis. We use different messaging/calls-to-action/benefits to see which message get the highest click through and conversions rates. We also separate keywords within ad groups on a regular basis to better target tightly-knit keyword groups. 

Q8 - What is your bidding and budget strategy ?
It’s very different for every client. We determine the key objectives from the client and create settings in the accounts that will show the ad's as often as possible. This may be throughout the day for some clients whilst others may choose not to display ad's at the weekends for example.  We pay very close attention to see if the daily campaign budgets are being reached. If they are, we look at ways to decrease the keyword bids to maintain traffic at a cheaper cost. Our goal is achieve the maximum level of qualified traffic within the budget whilst minimising the cost per acquisition. 

Q9 - Does the company information you obtain remain confidential ?
Most definitely, the information obtained during the PPC management process can be highly confidential. We take this very seriously and never accept clients if there is likely to be a conflicting interest with existing clents. We are also than happy to enter into non-disclosure agreements (NDA's) subject to contract. 

Q10 - How can we be sure all potential opportunities for improvement are taken ?
PPC marketing is a constant process of tuning and refinement. In addition, the search engines introduce changes are various intervals which slightly change the way they operate. We specialise in PPC therefore we keep up to date with all the various changes and include many of these in the ARTiSAN Blog  We also have direct contact with Google, Yahoo and MSN representatives to provide assistance and advice as required. 
One of the most important aspects of PPC management is transparency. A PPC company should be willing to share information with you about what they’re doing on a regular basis. Also, sending reports on a bi-weekly or monthly basis not only helps track your progress, but allows the PPC company to track their success too !!