Why is Ad Copy Important ?

Good ad copy is essential because it delivers that important first impression that potential customers are going to have of your business. It's what determines whether or not they click on your ad and visit your site. 

Just as you would with any marketing material you want to ensure that you're promoting your products and/or services in the most appealing way possible such that users will be enticed to click on your ad to learn more, and hopefully, make a purchase.

When it comes to SEM ad copy, you also need to make sure you're being as relevant as possible to the keywords that are in your ad group. Wherever possible, be sure to include those keywords within your ad copy, most notably in the title and also the domain url. The more targeted and specific your ad copy is, the better results you should expect in terms of click-through rate (CTR) and conversions.

Visitors should know exactly what they're going to find on the landing page of the ad they clicked on based upon your ad copy. If not, your bounce rate will increase thereby having a detrimental effect upon the quality score.

Ad copy best practices include using ‘call to action’ words such as "shop", "buy", "browse", “now”, etc. It is essential these are tested to determine which are most successful within your market and to ultlise these within other ad groups.

Measurement is also important. Ad copy in itself isn't a key performance indicator, however it should be considered as part of the overall campaign. Sometimes it can act as a symptom to help diagnose problems with low CTR or low conversions.  The more specific and relevant your ads are to your keywords and the landing pages they direct users to, the better these metrics should be.  The more general and generic your ad copy is, the higher the chances are that you'll need to make revisions to improve your CTR and conversions. 

Above all, your ad's should be relevant.